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Access Control

Access Control

Access Control Barrier

Controlled access into any premises is the first step and an important part in crime prevention.

Whether it’s a standalone system or one that includes automatic gates, barriers and bollards, we can supply and install the exact equipment you need.

From trackless gates that control two lanes of traffic to magnetic locks that control one door, access can be managed in different ways, depending on the circumstances.

Cards, keyfobs, pin numbers, finger print and biometric solutions are now common place and have huge advantages to the security of your premises.

Systems can be sophisticated enough to control the movement of thousands of staff in and out of business premises and car parks. They can also be used to monitor time and attendance, allowing cross use of a single system.

The applications are endless, and the integration of gates, cameras, lights, alarms, barriers, clocks and intercoms can provide multiple benefits and protection for any premises.